I have some “Sho Nuff Good Stuff” for you coming up! Change My Behavior is going through a complete overhaul to encourage, educate, and provide resources just for you and your love ones. Therefore, please be patient.

Sistah Gal is working! Whew! Below are our community outreach programs and services that we are currently coordinating.

We are changing the name of our not for profit 501 C 3 organization to “Change My Behavior – SUPERLIVE “Activating Souls.org.” We will continue to bring you insight to Christian behaviors to encourage and challenge your Salvation towards Christian maturity and abounding faith. Amen

Currently, we are working on decreasing Homelessness in Chicago working with Chicago LEC, Live Experience Commission, HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) through All Chicago.org.

We are starting our first annual year round Interfaith Violence Intervention Prevention Resident’s Competitions and Awards Community Outreach beginning in August 2017 in Chicago’s South Shore and Chatham Communities. (We will be slowly expanding throughout the South side of Chicago.) This community outreach program is to bring residents together in a safe haven environment; have fun competing through various events; celebrate residents; and highlight the positives of the communities that receives negative media attention due to gun violence.

We are currently coordinating resources for Community Children and Youth Human/Sex Trafficking that is increasing in African American, Latino, and other Ethnic communities as part of Gang crimes in addition to missing children and youth. Our website will provide resources that parents and others need.

We are currently coordinating our Alzheimer’s, Suicide Prevention, and Mental Illness Awareness Chicago’s South Side Community Outreach that begins in August 2017. Our website will provide all sorts of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and prevention, including proper preparation of foods and recipes from Chiefs within the communities. We are working to increase awareness and prevention.

We are starting our first professional National Christian African American Basketball League (NCAABL) for troubled youth and young adults beginning in August 2017. The NCAABL is a violence intervention prevention academic and behavior league to reduce gun violence, murders, premature deaths, and incarceration.

We are starting our professional National Christian African American Talent League (NCAATL) for youth and young adults in late October 2017 with the same principles as our NCAABL.

We are starting our professional National Interfaith Women’s Volleyball League (NIWVL) beginning in April 2018.

In addition, we will have an online store featuring unique designs, books, crafts, and other goodies. We are going to provide daily discounts too.

Please be patient while we “get it together.” Meanwhile, leave a comment. I do read them. I do respond to prayer request.

Love Ya!
“Ms. Lorraine”

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