Spiritual Violent Conditioning

As I prepare to update my published book “Transforming Lives Using Faith Base Principles to provide Free Community Violence Intervention Prevention Speaking and Training Workshops, I developed the Behavior term Spiritual Violent Conditioning.  I have reflected back on the negative and violent behaviors displayed by the over 800 youth that I have served over the past 20 years of ministry until present times.

In the Psychology World, the psychological terms know as “Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) and or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are sometimes use to explain community violence behaviors, especially for Gun Violence.

The Violence is indeed a Spiritual problem. Therefore, we have some professionals trying to heal people using their own intellect strategies.  The people who have Spiritual Violent Disorders have been conditioned to be violent throughout their entire developmental stages and environments. These types of violent behaviors have been taught on various levels of their development. For them, their behavior is “Normal.”

What I have noticed, within the past decades, that these types of violent behaviors are more displayed among age 17 throughout adulthood until “destruction” reaches its course – ending of life. “For the wages of Sin is death – PERIOD!

However, God knew that many will possess these types of Spiritual Violent Behaviors.  God has already made provision to provide the “Therapy” needed for those of who want their lives to be change into the positives. For their lives are in constant “Unrest” or “Drama.”

This type of Ministry is very hard, but for those, like me, God has already given us the Anointing to take on the “Impossible” without any forms of prescription drugs and or manipulative therapies. It will take operating God’s Word, listening to His voice, and plain old obedience, patience, and constant unconditional love – Speaking Life at every moment possible.

Guess what?

We have not been engineered in the human sense. We have been fully equipped thoroughly by the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. No non-Christian spiritual doctorate degree can take on such a Spiritual challenge with holistic results. Our hindrances will not be from those we serve, it will be from those who are “educated” even the Leaders within the Church – Body of Christ.

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