It is About You Being God’s Glory

Hello My Friend,

I will be focusing on suicide on a later date. For now it is all about you. You have got some homework to do for this week base on the Gospel of St. John. Read and study the Gospel of St. John for the month of December 2011.

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The end of the Year 2011 will soon end and another new year begins. However, what have you learned from your 2011 good and bad experiences thus far?

How did you grow?

What areas spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically have you grown – became stronger?

Remember this is about you and your Relationship with our Heavenly Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Some of you have missed your blessings holding on to unforgiveness, bitterness, and other ugly painful buried emotions caused by others or from self.

Your experiences are to teach you. It does not matter who started or shared in the experience. Your experiences teach you to trust God. Remember Faith is God and God’s word. The two goes hand in hand. You must know God’s word. It is your lifeline. You must eat the word of God like you drink water each day. Increase in God and you will increase in Faith. You will stop worrying so much. You will begin to have a peace of mind.  The stress of paying bills, relationships, and other things etc will not trouble you as it once did. You will become discipline in the areas of your life that got you into a bunch of mess and trouble. If you are a complainer then you will stop complaining, you will stop getting on everyone’s nerves.

If you are one who has a bunch of material things and wealth then you will begin to appreciate the simple things in life that does not cost anything.  It will be those simple things that are the true blessings that will bring you peace.

And for those of you who treat God like a religion – Stop it!

Stop treating God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ like a religion. God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are not a religion – God just is – Jesus just is – one of the same – Period!

Many have said that “it is good to know God, but one must be realistic.” Ugh! What is that? How can one have faith when one thinks like that? God is realistic! Our Lord and Savior is realistic. Those of you who do not believe in a God or that Jesus Christ died on the Cross to reconcile us back to God to redeem us by His Blood – okay. However, one “will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” How do I know because God’s word said so. I would rather believe and not go to hell then to not believe and go to hell. What harm can it do to not believe?

Many of you have blocked your physical and mental healings because of your behaviors in pride, selfishness, greediness, and how you may have mistreated others aware and unaware.

Many of you are wealthy and you have not given to help those who have less than you or in a greater need. I am not talking about giving donations to already funded organizations. I am talking about given to organizations (like mines) who do not have funding that are in the trenches each day changing lives for a better world. These individuals and organizations you never hear about, but they are the ones who are faithful because they do it without having money.

I am talking about when you are walking down the street and you literally see someone eating out of a garbage can. What harm would it do to buy a meal for that person? What harm would it do to buy that person shoes, coat, or clothing? Do not give money – just meet the need.

Gosh! God will bring so much healing into your life. God will not just bring physical healing but other healings too. God will do a work in you and through you that you could never imagine, if you are sincere.

What harm would it do for you to OPEN A DOOR for someone else to succeed especially when others have open doors for you to succeed?

Some of you are just plain mean, evil, and selfish. Do you actually aspect for God to heal you when you are being so ugly? Come on now and let us be real. If you think that then you do not know God. Do not get angry with me because it is in the Gospel of St. John – look it up.

Be Warned. God loves a cheerful giver. Do not help others and boast about it to others or to make yourself think that you are a good person, or help others expecting for something in return. None of these behaviors will work with God. Help others because it is the right thing to do and do it to glorify God.

Praise God by saying and doing the following:

“Dear heavenly Father and my God, I am doing this to glorify you because I love you. I may not love you like I should, but please accept my giving as my love for you and for my neighbor. Lord, I thank you that you have blessed me to be a blessing. God I give you all the glory and all of the praise– Blessed be God.” 

Begin to praise God sincerely. Wait on God and when you are ready to receive it, God will keep his word to you. I promise you. God will bless you in the areas of your life that money and power just cannot buy.

Many times, most of us block our blessings because of how we treat strangers (first) our love ones (second), our co-workers, employees, or employers (third). In that order –Read St. John and allow what Jesus did to be the example of how you are to treat others.  As you read the Gospel of St. John, you will see how Jesus is passionate about how we treat strangers – our neighbors.  Your eyes will be open to notice that many of the blessings we will receive is base upon how we treat strangers.

Some of you may be saying “I love everyone.” Stop lying.

We are not God.  Therefore, we are incapable of loving everyone because many of us do not love our selves. We treat others base upon a condition and how we have been conditioned.  All of us may have hurt others by our words and actions, even if we may not have meant to; therefore, one cannot love everyone. We can only love unconditionally as we grow in God’s grace and mercy and appreciation of who God is in us.

The little things block our blessings and hurt us just as much as the big things that we do to each other. An example will be when one is driving and another driver is trying to get into the same lane and the driver in the same lane speeds up not allowing the driver to get into lane. Another example, while driving, is when a driver speedily dashes in and out causing an accident and or jumping into a lane without warning.

Another example is when a stranger speaks to someone and that person ignores the stranger. It is a blessing when a stranger speaks to you in sincere kindness.  No one has to recognize your existence but that stranger did.  One does not know who, how, or when God will bless you. The stranger may offer you the words you may need to hear, or the stranger you ignore may be the answer to your prayers. “Be careful how one treats strangers, for one may be entertaining an angel unaware.”

Yes indeed, it is the little ugly things that we do to others that can and will stop our blessings that ONLY God can do.

Now is time to grow for God’s glory!

You got to let go of deep hurts and buried horrible experiences that have hindered you from growing in every aspect of your life. We cannot expect for our Heavenly Father to heal us when we do not talk (pray) to Him and or when we are disobedient to his word. Remember that each good or bad experience is about you, and your growth. Each experience brings a challenge or a light into who you are and what you are to become. Ask God what are you trying to teach me through this experience – this trial or life’s test?

It does not matter if you are one years old or 109 years old. God is the Author and Finisher of YOU, and God did it because he made you his glory. God’s word is complete.  Because you are still growing (hopefully), you are not complete yet, so God must complete the work in you that he has completed. (I hope I did not confused you.)

God wrote the script for your life, but you must develop a relationship with him with sincerity. It is all up to you.

If you are sincerely a “Son or Daughter of God” then you have to walk the walk and talk the talk. I do not mean being religious either. That is just a job. I do not mean going around putting other folks down thinking you are all of that! It is ONLY by God’s grace and mercy that you have not fallen into certain sins. It is God’s keeping power that kept you even in the midst of your mess.

Please do the following below to start the healing and growing process, so you can stop blocking your blessings; it would help you to write them down in a journal:

Step #1:

Dig deep within yourself and ask God to reveal the hidden places within you –the places that you have buried unforgiveness, hatred, hurt, and shame etc.


I want you to repent for having any unforgiveness for yourself and for others.

Unclog yourself. Think of unforgiveness as a huge block of grease, food, and hair that has block your drain and no water can flow out.

Unforgiveness is someone who is in Spiritual Intensive Care on life support!


I want you to think about your good and bad experiences, and ask yourself how those experiences have molded your behaviors. Make two lists. One is for bad experiences and one is for good experiences. For each bad experience, please write down how the experience has strengthened you even if you feel that you have not gain strengthyou have.

Just think and write the strengths that you have gain from the bad experiences. Do not focus on the bad experience but focus on what good came out of the bad experience. Focus on how that bad experience made you to fight or force you to step out of your comfort zone. The bad experience may have opened your eyes or your heart to God. Something good did come out of your bad experience. If nothing us, you made it through it. Praise God!

Write down if the bad experience made you to be unforgiving, mean, evil, hurtful to others, vengeful etc., – these are your weaknesses. One will die spiritually first, mentally and then physically (“kill, steal, and destroy”)

Do the same for your good experiences. What have you learned? What areas did you grow?

One can have knowledge and still not grow. One must applied what one has learned in order to grow.


I want you to ask yourself how those experiences have made you to be a better person – a more appreciative, caring and compassionate person then write them down.


Ask yourself have you shared your experiences good or bad to help others on your life journey.

This complete your first homework assignment. Many are to follow as you respond.

Face your behavior – your sins. It is about you and your personal relationship with your God – Your Lord and Savior.

It is not over for you until God says so!

Your sins will be forgiven if you would just repent (undergo a complete change of heart).

The lessons you learn from the sins you have committed will be the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

We are God’s glory!


We are to learn from our sin experiences.

In my life’s journey with sin, I have learned:

To love God more and grow closer to Him

To be humble

To have greater faith

To worship and praise Him more sincerely

To become disciplined in every aspect of my life

To live without the stress of what others expect of me

To love myself

To accept the anointing on my life as part of God’s grace

To understand God will not forsake me, even when I sin

To develop a true relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

I am set free from Christian doctrines while I allow the Holy Spirit to do its job in me for God’s glory.

I am an Over-Comer!

You will begin to see how you are an Over-Comer too!

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