God’s Will and NOT Yours!

I know that it’s been a very long time since I have posted a blog. Besides just being lazy, I have a good reason. Naw! I was just being lazy and crazy. Crazy for trying to do things my way instead of being FULLY obedient to God’s voice for God’s will and purpose and not mines.

Indeed, Our Heavenly Father “ORDERS” our steps. This time, I am being obedient to following the steps God has predestined for me and for you. For what I do does impact you and others in our communities and, eventually, our world.

WE ARE ONE PEOPLE regardless of our skin color, culture, money, and material things etc. What impacts one Group of People will eventually impact ALL OF US.

Praying God’s will means that you need to know God’s word for yourself. You must have a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ must be Lord and Savior in and over your life. In addition, you must know that the words that come out of your mouth is your “SUPER POWER.” One cannot afford to “play church” when indeed Church (Jesus Christ) is to dwell within you.

As I grow older in age and other things, I have STOP giving God orders on how He should direct my life.

I was unaware that at times, I was arrogant. Praise God for His patience. It is a good thing to allow the Holy Spirit, Comforter, to teach you. Too many times, we depend too much on second hand information from our Church leaders and teachers. We expect him or her to have all of our answers to our “list” of prayers. The truth is that they were taught by someone else too. They got their information and religious education taught through someone else. We mix what we have been taught by others and our own life challenging experiences to share or teach others. We do not always wait on revelation knowledge through the Comforter. We don’t want to go through anything to learn either. I must remind you that our lives as Godly spirit filled Christian Believers are full of “Spiritual Boot Camp” trials and tribulations.

Some of us are taught to write a “list” detailing everything we want through prayer. Some of us are taught that we must be “specific” in our prayers. So, we do what we are taught or told to do. WE WANT OUR PRAYERS ANSWERED QUICKLY! Therefore, we develop and write our prayer “list.” You know that “list” that we feel that is going to make us happy, successful, healthy etc.

Some of us think that our “prayer of faith” is telling God EXACTLY what we want. We command God to give us how much money. Those praying for a mate, command God for how tall he or she should be. We command God what skin complexion he or she should have. Some women command God on how big his penis should be while some men pray how big her booty and breast should be. Then, some of us will pray about the inner qualities that we desire to submit to our narcissism.

God does know how blissfully when we are arrogant and vain in our prayers to Him. Then we want God to bless our “list” exactly the way we wrote and spoke it to be.

Indeed, some of us are funny folks. We designed our plans without seeking God first. Then we “command” God to bless our designed plans using God’s promises against Him. Yeah! Some of us do! We dictate to Him our will, for we know that God cannot void His own Words. Then we say “God, let thy will be done!” If our plans, prayer list, are not working fast enough, we will fast and pray according to Matthew 17:21 “But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Then, we get discourage with God acting like spoil children. Constantly asking God why has He not answered our prayers? Then, we become anxious, fearful, and do foolish things to “Rush God.” Now doubt has kicked our faith’s butt. Yep! Some of us are funny being religious folks. Unfortunately, God has to “reshape” our behavior through a trial or severe tribulation. God has to “humble” us to the point that we no longer see anyone or anything else, but God. It is God’s will and purpose that will only work in and through our lives. It is God’s will and purpose that we must seek, for God is the “Author” and “Finisher” of our faith.

Check out these few steps to “renew your mind” and to seek God’s will and purpose for your prayers to become Life.

1) Always Repent.
2) Always Forgive. Let me be real. It is hard to forgive when someone has really hurt you. What helps me is to remember how many times that I hurt God. Yet, God loves us so unconditionally that He will bless and continue to keep us in the midst of our messes.
3) Always Reconcile.
4) Do Romans 12:1
5) Do Romans 12:2
6) Do Matthew 6:33 “But you seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and these things will be added unto you.”
7) Now, pray God’s will for your life and not your own will.
8) Remember that you become ONE with Christ Jesus through every trial and tribulation, which means that you are going to “Go Through.” Just remember that you are “going through it;” You will not remain in the trial and or tribulation. It is only until your “processing to maturity” is complete.

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