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(Sponsored by the OverComers-SAFE Haven Ministries)

Change My Behavior is a program of the OverComers-SAFE Haven Ministries. Change My Behavior is a Christian web site that will deal directly with behavior (SIN). Our focus is to spread the Gospel to those who have been turned away from the Church or who have not been SAVED. We will minister in areas that the traditional Church will not talk about. Please browse the web site to learn more about the Change My Behavior program. We will be updating soon with articles, book recommendations and other tools to help you grow in your relationship with the Lord.

A key tool will be the “I Am An OverComer!” book series:

“God, I Want to Sin” reveals that sin is simply negative behaviors and also reveals how Christians and others do want to sin. Ignoring the facts will not help a person to develop personally and spiritually. Sin can be use to help a person grow and heal.

“Fruit of Behavior” explains how we all have been conditioned to form negative behaviors. It also explains how a person can use the Fruit of the Spirit to overcome those negative behaviors so one can mature and restore.

“Transforming Lives” is a mentoring workshop guide that will help one to reach and work with young people and others who exhibits negative and violent behaviors. This is a useful tool for those professionals, working with this specific population, who have tried all other traditional practices that have essentially failed them.


Change My Behavior will feature articles from several regular and guest authors. Regular author biographies are listed below. If you would like to write an article for Change My Behavior, please contact us at articles@changemybehavior.net.

Minister Lorraine Y. Bogan

  • Began ministry in 1978 at Chatham Fields Lutheran Church
  • Received Ministry License in 2000 by Dr. B. Herbert Martin, Progressive Community Church “The Peoples Church”
  • Honorary PhD in Practical Counseling and Ordained by Dr. Jerry Herron – Open Arms International Ministries
  • Certified in Conflict Resolution: Grief Bereavement Specialist by Dr. Sam Musoni, World Crisis Intervention Network
  • Personally has helped over 800 children, youth, individuals, and families since 1992
  • Talents includes soprano vocalist, fashion design, seamstress, craft designs, and writing
  • Entrepreneur
  • Operates only under the anointing
  • Featured on “Someone You Should Know” Harry Porterfield
  • Featured in Chicago Sun-Times – Mark Brown Column
  • Workshop Speaker and Trainer “Reaching Trouble Youth Using Faith Base Principles”
  • Received various community and outstanding service awards

Elder Llewellyn Dixon

Minister Lew Dixon

  • African American Male
  • 43 Years Old
  • Married 14 Years
  • Minister and Associate Pastor for 20 Years
  • Additional, Secular Profession for 20 Years
  • Currently working on Doctorate of Ministry

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